The EdenPak difference

Truly sustainable products and solutions that address the plastic problem!


With a focus on Food Services we are able to offer customers sustainable solutions across various sectors. Food to go, workplace & contract catering, in flight catering, event catering, bakery as well as retail and the fresh produce market.

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Edenpak has formed a strategic partnership with Delipac, the patent holder of the barrier free board to market and sell products to the Food Services Industry globally.

Edenpak are looking to form partnerships with like-minded companies to help take our products to market.

Ideal partners would have converting, sales and distribution experience.



Greenwashing can make a company appear to be more environmentally friendly than it really is.

We are committed to working with customers in a transparent manner and focus on providing sustainable products and solutions that meet their needs.

Many businesses are now looking for solutions to be more sustainable. Consumers are now more astute and expect more from brands and their commitments to sustainability.

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Are you opening a new coffee shop, restaurant, food to go business or are you rebranding and want to be sustainable?

We can help give you advice and offer short product runs and printing for your new brand.


Our products can be disposed in any paper waste stream.


Our products can be composted industrailly or at home.


Our products will biodegrade in less than 12 weeks in landfill.


We offer a solution for businesses concerned about plastic usage.

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