Plastic free paperboard

Food packaging.

The natural barrier paperboard used in all of our products has been verified as plastic free.

The paperboard is certified as recyclable, compostable (at home & industrially) and it is biodegradable.

Reduce plastic in your packaging with Edenpak.

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Why we are different?

The paperboard that we use is plastic free. It can replace PE & PLA lined food packaging.

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Plastic Free

The paperboard that we use is verified as 100% plastic free.

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The paperboard is certified to biodegrade in a few months.

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The paperboard is certified as fully recyclable.

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The paperboard is EN13432 certified and certified home compostable.

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Carbon Balanced

The paperboard is certified as carbon balanced.

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The paperboard has been tested and certified as PFAS Free.

What can it be used for?

A unique and versatile natural barrier coating.

In addition to the proven sustainability and end of life credentials, the paperboard has various features and uses.

Environmentally friendly and versatile.

Food Safe

Food grade paperboard compliance. EU & US FDA standards.

Leak & Greaseproof

The coating allows liquids or sauces to be kept and stored safely.


Contents can be stored and frozen in our packaging.


Our packaging can be microwaved with no issue.

The Edenpak Range

Our range includes a variety of products such as sandwich wedges, burger, pasta, tortilla, noodle and salad boxes, baguette, open and lidded trays.

edenpak white sandwich wedge

Sandwich wedge – White

edenpak white wrap box

Tortilla box – White

edenpak white baguette tray

Baguette tray – White

edenpak white salad box

Salad box – White

edenpak kraft sandwich wedge

Sandwich wedge – Kraft

edenpak kraft wrap box

Tortilla box – Kraft

edenpak kraft baguette tray

Baguette tray – Kraft

edenpak kraft salad box

Salad box – Kraft

All of our packaging is made in the UK by our manufacturing partner Keco Ltd.

Want your own brand & design?

Freshen up an existing range or add new products.

Our years of experience in design, manufacturing and sales will help you find the best solution for your needs.

Our sustainable packaging can add value to your business, help drive revenue and reduce plastic usage.

sandwich wedge package design

The Edenpak Project Toolkit

The following resources are free to download.

About Edenpak

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Edenpak Range

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Media Guide

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